What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

“Toby was excellent! He was very helpful and pleasant.”

“Everyone seemed very courteous when we arrived. Nikki was my Pedorthist and she was very professional. She knew what she was doing and fitted my shoes perfectly. No pain at all. I would recommend The Fitted Foot to everyone!” Robert N.

“I just want to say thank-you for relieving my leg, hip and back discomfort that I encountered at work, after being on my legs most of a 12 hour shift. I was blaming my aches on the new flooring that was put in our department and the pain was getting worse day by day. I visited their office on a Friday evening about 5:00 pm., several weeks ago. The staff was courteous and very knowledgeable when it came to fitting you with the right shoes. I was skeptical at first and thought I was just buying another pair of tennis shoes, but a day later, I realized I could finish a 12 hour shift with no problems from my back or hips. This relationship with The Fitted Foot has made me more confident than ever that I can continue working in my role as a staff nurse for several more years. Thank you again.” Becky Boas, RN 

“I have had several wonderful experiences at The Fitted Foot. Everyone knows their job and isn’t afraid to spend the time it takes to find the right shoe for you. If you need something “special”, as most of their customers do, they make sure you get it. I’m sure there are people that say, “That’s an awful lot of money!” but personally I think it’s well worth every penny to know that I have what I need in order to be able to walk comfortably. I’ll grant you, I can’t have all the shoes I would like, but the ones I do have won’t be hurting my feet when I wear them. In short, they’re great!” Ellen Stout

“Thanks to the experts at The Fitted Foot, my back and knee problems are practically non-existent. In the past I was x-rayed and medicated, but continued to have problems. Now with orthotics and properly fitting shoes….what a difference! I am grateful for the staff who goes over and above in assuring that the shoe fits and that the needed support is in the correct place. My family, grandchildren included, are also receiving this outstanding care and realizing the benefits.” Sincerest Thanks, Joanie Schindel, RN