Who Are We?

The Fitted Foot/Professional Footwear provides the Ultimate in fit and comfort, selection and value. We care about more than just shoes; we strive to provide comfort for your whole body.

Our trained associates devote the personal time needed to properly assess your feet, measure and ask the appropriate questions to determine your lifestyle needs. Using a 4.5 step fitting process we can properly evaluate your feet and fit your foot structure. We will evaluate and explain the results of your exam and the benefits of proper support with the right shoe. The right shoe makes all the difference in how we look and feel.

Step #1 – Scan: With the iStep Technology, we can get you started on your way to feeling great in less than 30 seconds. This technology can help us determine your arch type and your pressure points. With this information we can get started finding “the right shoe, for the right you.”

Step #2 – Measure: We use a device called a Brannock to measure your feet. We measure your feet two different ways: total length of your foot and your arch length. Many people just go by there total length of their foot to get there shoe size. Many times this is incorrect. Shoe companies make shoes by the arch length. This is when the two different measurements are important.

Step #3 – Stance: We look at your heels to see if you roll in (pronate) or roll out (supinate). If you pronate or supinate, you are very likely to have ankle, knee, hip and back pain. We can address these issues in multiple different ways. We may add arch support or wedges to your shoes. We also look to see if you have a Leg Length Difference. If you have low back or hip pain you many have a leg length difference. We can address this by adding a cork heel lift in your shoe.

Step #4 – Gait: When we analysis your gait, we are watching you walk. We can see if you pitch out or if you tend to walk with your toes pointed in. We can make adjustments to your shoes to help correct these issues.

Step #4.5 – Pick Out Shoes: The above 4 steps will help us and you to find “the right shoe for the right you.”

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