Need socks? We’ve got your feet covered!

At Professional Footwear, we fit more than just shoes! We can also recommend a good pair of socks based on your activity level, and needs.

For most people, we will recommend a wool sock. More specifically, we recommend a Merino Wool sock. Merino wool offers excellent breathability and moisture management. This helps prevent the build up of odor causing bacteria, unlike cotton, which holds moisture against your skin, creating a breeding ground for the same bacteria. If your feet sweat a lot, wool is going to be a great choice for you!

The fibers from Merino sheep are less dense than traditional wool, which means you won’t experience the itch commonly associated with wool clothing items. The fibers themselves are also remarkably strong and resilient, providing a durable sock for even the most active individual.

Merino wool also provides natural heating a cooling for your feet.  Regardless of season, your feet will remain warm when they need it, and cool when they need it.

Stop in and ask an associate to help you find the best sock for your needs. We also carry non-wool options, including compression socks!